Ontec, based in Andorra, distributes advanced technologic systems throughout the country, from communications networks, to buildings automation control systems, digital signage or IT security.

Our clients range from IT departments, architects needing expertise to make their residential automation projects, or installers needing support or advisory. We help them to optimize costs and maximize their technological systems and find the most suitable solution for their needs and requirements.

Ontec has expertise working with International manufacturers to provide their relevant products to internal market. Having the support and experience of the major players in the market on our side makes it possible for us to offer our clients the best possible service.

Our team, with experience in the sector and in continuous training, allows us to reach the great challenges of innovation and technology, more and more necessary for our clients.


Ontec offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect networks, workstations and data. 

We also have a Security professional solution to stop DDoS attacks, protect web applications, or safeguard information.


Ontec provides the latest technology in communications networks, voice over IP and IP video. Since the physical infrastructure, network assets and to various systems. The aim of Ontec will have a wide range of products to provide solutions for all possible scenarios and network communications.


Ontec is specialized in automation solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Compsumtion Near Zero Energy Buildings, Smart Metering and Smart Cities, based on the latest technologies BACS (Building Automation and Control Systems) and BMS (Building Management Systems) worldwide in these fields.


Ontec enables the client to broadcast digital content through different screens, LCD monitors, plasma screens, LED panels, etc, replacing traditional paper signs, allowing updated content in real time and even user's interaction with the content.

We cover from a small screen connected to a DVD, to a network of interconnected screens and centrally controlled displays to be updated remotely.

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